Outdoor riding, what kind of walkie-talkie is more suitable to choose?

When riding in a group, an essential tool is a walkie-talkie. At present, many intercoms on the market are not developed for bike riding, which makes the majority of riders very distressed. So what kind of walkie-talkie do we need when we ride in outdoor activities?

1, the pursuit of functional simplicity, is to make the intercom smaller, easy to manipulate and can be installed. Bicycle handlebar length is limited, need to install a lot of things, such as cell phone navigation frame, code table, sports cameras, flashlights, car bells and so on, so that the requirements of the intercom small for good, does not take up space, easy to install. Such as the size of a small bicycle bell.

2, the trigger button should be large, can be designed to protrude a little, in the hand does not leave the handlebar state, the thumb can trigger the call button. This is the key to cycling intercom, easy to trigger the intercom.

3, Bluetooth trigger button. Can draw on the design of the Bluetooth trigger button of the micro lah, the intercom Bluetooth trigger button with, installed in the handlebar hand, so that the intercom can free your hands so that the intercom more secure.

4, the channel does not need too much, commonly used channels can be. Adjust the channel if the idle screen and buttons take up more space, you can consider the phone to adjust the channel. The key is convenient to write the frequency.

5, the antenna can be made into a soft antenna and is easy to replace, antenna installation can be wrapped to the brake line to reduce the volume.

6, can consider Bluetooth helmet headset and helmet microphone. The most ideal practical walkie-talkie is the microphone in the mouth, the speaker in the front of the car, the trigger button in the hand. If you can achieve a split (talk button, body, headset), the body can be packed, there is no installation as well as the problem of waterproof, etc. Only after everyone recognizes the simple intercom, in considering the combination of a strong flashlight, Bluetooth speakers, electric speakers, and other features.

7, to be sturdy, to be waterproof. Shell design, consider anti-collision, anti-drop, and anti-slip, can be covered with rubber. Shell and handlebar connectors can consider universal fixings connectors, such as the use of sports cameras, camera connectors, cell phone holders, and other standard connectors.

8, the key to riding safety intercom is to free your hands – to consider the call key and body separation design, call trigger button on the handlebars of the hand.

9, must use the universal charging interface, do not bring another charger. 10, the power does not have to be too large, call distance, open and open areas 3, 5 km, the city 1, 2 km on the line. Speaker volume should be large enough to resist environmental noise.


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